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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Finally, a Proper Update

Sorry to keep everyone in suspense, but here was how my weekend went, starting with my first security gig Friday night.

Parking Lot Security
I help out along with practically everyone in the dojo at the home games for the University of Alabama under the guise of being a "venture crew" which just so happens to be compromised of 99% dojo folk. We run a R.V. parking lot, and run it damn well.  While we do not get paid, the crew does and we'll use that money for a trip or something, we get fed well, and this past Friday was gator.  I had not had gator before tonight but I can say that although it's not my favorite, gator tastes good :D  Ended my duties around 9:15 to head home and get dressed for my next security gig.

Frat Party Security
So as I arrived at my assigned house of Phi Gam, a few minutes early which is ten minutes late, I walk in to ask if any of the brothers has seen any of my partners in anti-crime, to which they replied that they didn't need security until tomorrow night.  After checking the text my boss had sent me I realized I came to the wrong house a day early, and was actually scheduled at Phi Kappa.  After busting my ass back to my car and breaking more than one traffic law while traversing the campus I parked and proceeded to run down new frat row, asking the drunk people I pass if they could point me in the direction of Phi Kappa.  Upon arrival at the house I proceed to talk to the president of the fraternity who tells me what I have heard before, that no security is needed until tomorrow night.  After calling my manager and asking for further instruction, I was placed at Sigma Alpha Epsilon for a whole thirty minutes until another of my managers came down and took me to a new posting at Delta Sig.  I was added security as they had a rather large crowd at the band party, as a local country music favorite was playing and all the rednecks were out en masse.  Corey Star or something of the such was his name, and for country music he wasn't all that bad, for the most part.  After being placed on stage duty I then guarded a corner of the stage next to the giant amps for the rest of the set, which thankfully was only a half hour left by the time I was put into my post.  After escorting the star to his lounge, I was then retrieved by my manager and ushered to my next momentous task, which was guarding a wall at Delta Kappa which had been a problem as many of the drunken revelers had taken to throwing beer cans over into the neighboring frat house, and it was now my duty to prevent that....until two in the freaking morning.  After that glorious shift from 10-2, I then went back to SAE and performed what is referred to as "Asset Protection" but what is commonly known as "sit on your ass and occupy yourself on your laptop so you don't fall asleep"  After catching a quick catnap I was back on the job at 3 p.m. and proceeded to perform the glorious task of providing security to a bathroom, by which I mean I was to sit at a door and only allow people inside the building to use the restroom if they had on the appropriate wristband.  After a mind numbing five and a half hour shift I was relieved and treated myself to some tasty Chinese food.  After walking around campus for a few I was back on the job at ten at guess which house, that's right Phi Gam, providing security for their shitty band party was merely a matter of staying awake which was absolutely no problem as the cold wind and constant walking kept me wide awake.  After getting off at two I hurried my ass home and passed out until about three the same day.

My day of much needed rest.  We couldn't make it to mass as I was too exhausted to even hear the alarm and Caroline, my wife to be, had just worked a grueling swing shift from 11 the previous night until 7 that morning.  We then proceeded to lie around the house all day and talk of things that needed to be done, while at the same time doing nothing.  It was a good day that was ended in a movie night with the feature film being the hysterical Full Metal Jacket.  The snacks were paid for by the bike I had returned to the store, with the remainder going towards paying our monthly tuition for karate.

Overall, a fun weekend huh?

Until something mildly interesting happens,


Body count is as follows:

And one happy me :D  Set off two bug bombs in the kitchen(box recommended one, but double the fun right?) which apparently only served to paralyze the little buggers because I got the fun task of picking them off every surface of my kitchen with tweezers while crushing them to make sure they were dead.  Going to leave all the foodstuffs out for a fortnight to make sure the deed is done, and if I never see another roach in my kitchen it will be too soon.

Heading out to pick up my check from work right now and after doing some schoolwork, working in the yard, and eating a sammich I will give y'all a proper update.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Fear, No Pain, No Mercy

Things have been a little hectic around the house as of late.  Coming off of a rough weekend as well as having a busy start of the week finds me lacking the time to update this blog unfortuneately.  Heck even now I am just hopping on for a second to keep the ball rolling on this thing.

Will update very soon(Sometime tomorrow hopefully) about the hell I went through this weekend working my security job.

Right now I have every single foodstuff as well as the pots and pans strewn about my dining room as I am about to eliminate the roach problem in the kitchen once and for all.  After back to back bug bombings before we moved in, the kitchen still was infested with roaches which only got worse as there is only so much a woman who works 48ish hours a week and an easily distracted man can do to keep a kitchen spotless.  To solve the problem I went down to Home Depot and returned not only with bug bombs, but with roach traps as well as roach spray.  Tonight will be the last night those damn buggers breathe clean air, or will brave the journey outside their homes because they will find my kitchen is no longer a safe haven for their brethren, but instead a barren wasteland of death and destruction.

Until tomorrow(Hopefully)