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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Fear, No Pain, No Mercy

Things have been a little hectic around the house as of late.  Coming off of a rough weekend as well as having a busy start of the week finds me lacking the time to update this blog unfortuneately.  Heck even now I am just hopping on for a second to keep the ball rolling on this thing.

Will update very soon(Sometime tomorrow hopefully) about the hell I went through this weekend working my security job.

Right now I have every single foodstuff as well as the pots and pans strewn about my dining room as I am about to eliminate the roach problem in the kitchen once and for all.  After back to back bug bombings before we moved in, the kitchen still was infested with roaches which only got worse as there is only so much a woman who works 48ish hours a week and an easily distracted man can do to keep a kitchen spotless.  To solve the problem I went down to Home Depot and returned not only with bug bombs, but with roach traps as well as roach spray.  Tonight will be the last night those damn buggers breathe clean air, or will brave the journey outside their homes because they will find my kitchen is no longer a safe haven for their brethren, but instead a barren wasteland of death and destruction.

Until tomorrow(Hopefully)


  1. i understand alwsy being out of time it happens

  2. Shit man, roaches are hard to get rid of. Best of luck to you, bro.