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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Many Hand's Make Light Work

Phew, almost lost this entire post to a surprise Windows update, man you gotta love those >.<

Morning, I could say I was up at the crack of dawn, but I was already up and driving before that.  Been a busy few days that I've actually got some stuff done in.

The rain we had a few days made working in the garden bliss.  The packed clay I was having to hack through with a pick axe turned into something that actually looks like soil, and the patch is just now starting to look like a garden and not just a dead patch of dirt.  I'm having two friends over for lunch and fellowship and I will put them to work with me while they are here, and they won't mind because they are awesome like that.

Had a rough night teaching Kusanku Tuesday night, admittedly the student already new it but he has been out for awhile so working on it was challenging as it was a combination of not only tweaks, but basic patterns as well.  It didn't help that it hurt to rotate my neck more than a few degrees either way from how sore my neck was from Monday night.  My brain was dead but my body was still moving and thankfully my wonderful wife to be was able to pitch in and nit-pick while my brain slowly churned along.  I'm only feeling a little bit of soreness from Monday still, so maybe a little kata this morning will even me out.

While coming back from dropping my girlfriend off this morning I noticed something humorous, the order of feeding in my household goes as follows: Cat, Dog, Me O.o  After a little thought I understood the reason, as my cat will not stop bugging you or weaving through your feet as you walk, and my dog will just sit there with those forlorn eyes if I try and make myself food first.  He's doing well though, this is his second day on a raw meat diet that I switched him to and thankfully no vomiting or diarrhea to be found, which many of the websites I did research on warned of the switch.  He gets about 1.25lbs of chicken leg quater, bones and all, along with two eggs in the morning which I am still working on teaching him to break himself, as he will just lick the eggs unless I do the dirty work for him.  He's also still working out how to properly chew as many dogs fed only kibble tend to inhale their food and not understand the concept of chewing, kinda like teenagers.  I hold the chicken leg for him to munch on right now, but we will eventually get to the point where it's his nature again to chomp down on some raw meat properly.

 A nice little break came my way with my NEW 100 class, the introductory class for my interdisciplinary studies program, as we will not be meeting for the next three weeks, which definitely frees up a day of mine big time.  We are instead working on individual learning projects, their pet word for do as you please but tell us what you do.  A minimum of 20+ hours is supposed to be spent for a high pass grade on this project.  Don't know if I will meet those requirements but I do know the perfect project idea, I am going to construct my own worm tower of power.  That's right, a tower in which worms can compost freely in, and not suffer the high costs of buying their own land.  I got the idea when I did a little research into worm composting online and saw a site which claimed to offer the only worm composting tower on the market, for close to $115 worms included.  Now the idea wormed it's way into my head, bad pun I know, and I decided that hey! I could do that myself easily and save money.  So for the next few weeks that will be an active project I will be working on and blogging about so I will post news, pictures, and maybe even ask for ideas these coming weeks.

Until my life is exciting enough to post again


  1. :3 you should get more cats xD show pictures of it please :)

  2. @The Reviever
    You are thinking of the wrong type of diet, diet is just used to describe his eating habits in this case. I put him on a raw meat diet because it is healthier for dogs to live how they are made to, because dogs cannot digest wheat or corn products very well and lo and behold about 50% of mass-produced dog food is just that. Many positive benefits to it

  3. Can't wait to hear how the tower comes along. Keep us posted!

  4. I thought of a sweatshop because of the title of this entry.